Adding an Adult to Account

UpdatedFriday January 13, 2017 byBonne Masseo (registrar) .

Please log in using the login email and password associated with one of the adults on your account. If you want to have multiple adults able to access the TeamWall follow this procedure. Please note that in step #1 below, you must log into the existing account that the player's registration is under.

An end user can add an additional login by doing the following:

  1. Once logged into the account, click Account Settings
  2. If the second adult is already on the account, click on their name then click Edit

    Note: If there is currently only one adult on the account, click Add Adult information
  3. Input the email in the "Login Email" field

    Note: The adult being added will no longer need to share login credentials because they will log in with this email going forward
  4. After you have input any additional information, click Save

    Note: If the adult being added has an existing account with Sports Illustrated Play that uses the same email address, they will use the same password to login to this account. If not, a temporary password will be emailed to them